10BaseT to V.35 Interface Converter

Product Overview

Aries Telecom offers the 10BaseT to V.35 Interface Converter is a high performance Ethernet bridge which converts a 10Base-T Ethernet to V.35 interface. With a compact size and low cost, it is ideal for low cost Ethernet bridge applications over V.35 network.

It learns the MAC addresses in the linked LAN and keep them updating continuously. Up to 10,000 MAC addresses can reside in its LAN memory, which are updated automatically.


Download Data Sheet of  10BaseT to V.35 Interface Converter  (PDF)

The highest transmitting and filtering rate is 30,000 frames per second (line speed). The buffer is capable of storing 256 frames with a waiting throughput of one frame. When applied as a LAN extender, the bridge has two working status, filtering and not filtering.

The equipment shall be used and installed always in pair and work only in pair, one device at either end.


  • Conversion from 10Base-T Ethernet to V.35
  • User selectable V.35 data rate - N64K (N=1 ~ 32)
  • Provides internal / loop-timed clocks modes for maximum flexibility
  • Configurable clock phase for the receiving clock
  • Self test and diagnostic modes
  • LED indicators to indicate alarms and operating status
  • DTE / DCE selection option for the interfacing equipment.

Application Diagram

Ordering Information

S No. Part # Product Description Qty
1 VCL-V35-ETH-AC 10BaseT to V.35 Interface Converter with AC Power Supply 1
2 VCL-V35-ETH-DC 10BaseT to V.35 Interface Converter with DC Power Supply 1


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10BaseT to V.35 Interface Converter  (PDF)

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