E1 Ethernet Interface Converter

Product Overview

Aries Telecom offers Ethernet over 1 E1 converter. The 10Base-T Ethernet interface to 1 E1 interface converter which offers a channelized E1 and 10Base-T interface conversion. This equipment offers electrical level conversion between 10Base-T Ethernet interface and a G.703 / E1 (or fractional E1) interfaces.

The VCL-Ethernet over E1-E1/10(100) Base-T Interface Converter provides the user with Ethernet over E1/E1 conversion enabling the user to transport Ethernet data over an E1 link. The equipment be always installed and used in pairs, with one terminal being installed at either end of the network.


The VCL-Ethernet over E1-E1/10(100) Base-T Interface Converter is an Ethernet extension device utilizing TDM telecom infrastructure (the telecom network of E1s, or of PDH, SDH and E1/E3/SDH microwave etc. carrying E1s). It converts the Ethernet data into E1 frame format for transmission over the existing TDM (E1) links and then re-converts the E1 back into Ethernet data the far-end terminal, to BRIDGE two Ethernet LANs over the existing E1-based telecom network. The device can effectively utilize the redundant bandwidth of telecom operators existing TDM network to transport Ethernet data with low investment.


The equipment may be used for the following purposes:

  1. Bridging Ethernet LANs over existing TDM (E1) telecom network
  2. Extending Ethernet networks utilizing TDM (E1) landline based telecom infrastructure
  3. Using telecom network of E1s/PDH/SDH microwave etc. carrying E1s to transport Ethernet data


  • The maximum transmission rate of Ethernet data over E1 links is 2.048Mbit/s
  • E1 supports three working modes of transparent transmission, framed (CCS/PCM 31) and multiple framed (CAS/PCM30)
  • Allows transparent transmission of super-long frames in 1528 bytes (without CRC) and supports Ethernet switches with VLAN function
  • Automatic Ethernet negotiation function. Supports 10M/100M and working modes of both full-duplex and half-duplex
  • Available with MAC address list filtration, learning and updating functions
  • Available with auto-resetting function. When network port stops receiving or sending data for about 8 seconds, the auto-resetting circuit will be able to start automatically, to reduce and maintain workload for the system
  • Equipment supports two working modes of internal clock and network clock
  • Supports RLOOP (E1 port external loop-back) function

E1 Interface Specifications

Line Rate E1 (2.048 Mbps 50 bps)
Framing Un-Framed /PCM 30 /PCM 31
Electrical As per ITU-T G.703
Jitter As per ITU-T G.823
Impedance 120 Ohm (RJ-45)
Impedance 75 Ohm (BNC)

Ethernet Port specifications

Line Rate E1 (2.048 Mbps 50 bps)
Framing Un-Framed /PCM 30 /PCM 31
Electrical As per ITU-T G.703
Jitter As per ITU-T G.823
Impedance 120 Ohm (RJ-45)
Impedance 75 Ohm (BNC)


Internal and network clock.

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