STM-1 Optical Repeater

Product Overview

Aries Telecom offers VCL-STM-1 Optical Repeater is a cost-effective solution which allows its users to transport an optical link over an extended range by amplifying and repeating the optical signal. A 1+1 optical interface option is also offered and available in the event that two STM-1 links are required to be extended on the same optical route.

Download Data Sheet of STM-1 Optical Repeater (PDF)

VCL-STM-1 Optical Repeater is a compact solution housed in a 19" rack 1U high, which can be placed on the desktop or installed in a standard 19 inch rack.

Complete loop-back facility is supported for system diagnostic and commissioning.

Compact casing and simple operation achieve cost saving and investment protection.

This unit offers two power supply options. Options for the power supply to the equipment include:

1. Dual DC - 48V Inputs (range -18V DC ~ -72V DC)

2. Dual AC 110V AC to 240V AC, 50 / 60 Hz Inputs


  • To extend 1+0 optical links

  • To extend 1+1 redundant optical links

  • To convert short haul (1310nm) single mode interfaces to long haul (1550nm)  single mode interfaces for extended reach.

  • To convert (850nm) multi-mode optical interfaces to either long haul (1310nm) single mode, or long haul (1550nm) single mode interfaces.


  • 1+0 STM-1 Optical Repeater version
  • 1+1 STM-1 Optical Repeater version for optical link redundancy
  • SFP based design. Provides field removable / upgradable optical SFPs
  • Short haul (1310nm), long haul (1550nm) and multi mode (850nm) optical SFP modules
  • Clock recovery and clock re-generation
  • Jitter Attenuation
  • Management options:
  • Serial RS232 Port (COM Port)

  • Serial USB Port (COM Port)

  • 10/100 BaseT remote management over LAN / TCP-IP Network

  • SNMP V2

  • Windows XP and Windows 7 compatible Network Management System (NMS)

  • High reliability, complies to ITU-T G.957 specifications
  • State-of-the-art design, ensure normal working under difficult environments
  • Supports local and remote loop-back on electrical or optical interface for system diagnostics
  • Simple operation and maintenance
  • Compact design and low power consumption
  • ITU-T G.783 compatible loss of signal detect
  • Duplex LC optical interface
  • Hot-pluggable
  • Supports DDM function for read back of transmit and received optical power and alarms
  • Class 1 laser safety
  • Compliant with ITU-T G.957 STM-1


STM-1 optical interface

Data Rate 155.52 Mbps
Standard ITU-T G.957 STM-1
Coding NRZ
Connector LC
Light source Laser Diode
Wave length options 1310nm


Transmission Type Dual Fiber (standard)
Single Fiber Bi-directional (optional)
Transmit power options - S 1.1 -11.5dBm (1310nm)
Transmit power options - L 1.1 / L 1.2 -2.5dBm (1310nm / 1550nm)
Receive sensitivity options - S 1.1 -28 dBm (1310nm)
Receive sensitivity options - L 1.1 / L 1.2 -34 dBm (1310nm) / -38 dBm (1550nm)
Receiver overload - S 1.1 - 10 dBm (1310nm)
Receiver overload - L 1.1 / L 1.2 - 10 dBm (1310nm / 1550nm)
Section loss - S 1.1 0 - 12 dB
Section loss - L 1.1 / L 1.2 10 - 28 dB
Automatic Laser Shut Down Option Provided - User selectable option

*Note : SFPs for a complete range of Transmit Power options are available.

The available SFPs include extended reach SFPs that can service optical spans of up to 120 KM

Mechanical Specifications

Rack Mounting Standard 19 Inch. DIN Rack
Height 42 mm. 1U high
Depth 125 mm.
Width 19-inch rack-mounting shelf
Weight 1.5 kg


Working Temperature - 100C ~ +600C for operation
Relative Humidity < 90 % (Non condensing)


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STM-1 Optical Repeater (Data Sheet)

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