E3, OLTE (Optical Line Transmission Equipment)

Technical Specifications

Aries Telecom offers the E3-OLTE is a 34Mbps Optical Line Transmission Equipment which converts and transports a ITU-T G.703 compliant standard electrical E3, 34Mbps signal into a G.823 and G.821 compliant optical signal for transport over 1310nm optical fiber cable. The optical link, between two OLTE terminals is established on one pair of optical fiber. One fiber link is used for transmit and the other fiber link is used for receive.


A complete optical line transmission system comprises of two OLTE terminals one at each end of the optical fiber cable. The E3, 34Mbps OLTE also offers 1+1 optical protection (optical redundancy).

Both the Local and the Remote terminals can be monitored and controlled by a Windows based GUI (Graphical User Interface), from a single location. TCP-IP option for remote access is also available.

Download Data Sheet of E3, 2/34 Mbps Multiplexer (PDF)

E3, 2/34 34Mbps Multiplexer - Technical Specifications (HTML)

System Specifications

34Mbps, E3 Electrical Interface

Number 1
Nominal Bit Rate 34368kbps
Bit Rate Tolerance 20ppm
Line Code HDB3
Frame Structure as per G.751
Interfaces as per G.703
Input Jitter Acceptance 100Hz to 1KHz - 1.5UI
10KHz to 800KHz -
Maximum Output Jitter 0.05UI
Connectivity via spinner type connectors
Cable 75W unbalanced
Permissible Attenuation 12dB at 17184kHz

34Mbps, Optical Interface

Type of Transmitter Class 1 Laser
Number 1 (+1) with optical redundancy option
Nominal Bit Rate 34368kbps
Transmit Wavelength 1310nm (standard)
1550nm (optional)
Transmit Output -12dBm (min at *EOL - End Of Life)
-8dBm (typical)
-5dBm (maximum)
(Other outputs available on request)
Transmit Spectral Width <4nm
Receive Wavelength 1310nm (standard)
1550nm (optional)
Operating Wavelength Range Transmitter: 1260nm - 1360nm
Receiver: 1100nm - 1600nm
Receiver Dynamic Range 30dBm
Receiver Sensitivity -38dBm (typical)
-36dBm (min)
FC-PC Connectors Optical Connectors


  • Class I Laser
  • Meets the optical safety requirements: G.958, IEC-825-1 and IEC 825-2
  • Auto Laser Shut Down in case of fiber break.: Enabled / Disabled by user

System Management

Widows 95 based system Management and control system supplied with the system

Part No.

Optional - 1+1 Optical Redundancy (Protection Switching)

Product Description

E3, 34 Mbps Optical Line Transmission Equipment, OLTE / OLTU (-48 VDC Input)
Stand Alone - 19" Rack Mount Version.

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E3, 34Mbps Optical Line Transmission Equipment - Product Brochure (PDF)

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