VCL-STM-1, VCL100LT (upto 28 E1)
Technical Specifications
  • Multiple Services from E1/DS1s

  • E3/8Port 10/100Mbps Ethernet

  • E4/STM-1 electrical

  • STM-1 optical

  • Cost effective


Aries Telecom offers the STM-1, VCL100CPE (with 14 E1) and with one tributary interface card (E3 / DS3 / Ethernet) is an ultra-compact and cost-effective customer premises bandwidth provisioning STM-1 SDH multiplexer equipment designed to meet low or medium capacity bandwidth service demands.


Following tributary choices are available:

  • E1s (standard part of equipment / chassis) with

  • (any one of the following) E3 or DS3 or 10/100 BaseT Ethernet

The chassis is 19" rack or wall mountable as per customer requirements


STM-1 interfaces

STM-1 interfaces depending on Terminal multiplexer or Add-Drop Multiplexer configuration.

Management interfaces

This is provided through the 10/100 Mbps NMS (Ethernet) port or an RS232C craft port.


Timing Interfaces

External 2Mbps or 2.048 MHz timing signal inputs are provided for synchronizing the equipment. Further, reference 2Mbps reference output is provided.

Engineering order-wire

This is provided through the analog 2-wire interface. The EOW bytes are software selectable to E1 or E2.

Potential free contacts

These provide dry contacts for extending the alarms. Five such potential free outputs are provided that are tied to alarms for Critical, Major, Minor, Order Wire and Power. Two potential free inputs are provided for environmental alarms like "Power or Air-conditioning failure", "equipment room door open" etc.


E1 Tributary Card

E1 / DS1 tributary card are supported in a single chassis.


10/100 Mbps Ethernet Tributary Card

Ethernet Tributary Card maps 10/100 Mbps Ethernet data on to VC-12's with a rate adaptation granularity of 2 Mbps. Each port's bandwidth is configurable in increments of 2Mbps, based on per port user demand. The aggregate bandwidth from each ETC card is at most STM-1 line rate (63 VC-12 worth of traffic).


Power Supply Unit

Power to all the cards in the chassis is distributed from this unit accessible from the rear. This is running off a -36V to -60V DC supply.


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VCL-STM-1 (upto 28 E1) - Product Brochure (PDF)
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