VCL100 - STM-1/4 (upto 252 E1)

Product Overview

  • Multiple Services from E1, E3, STM-1, STM-4

  • STM-1/4 VCL100 STM-1/4 (upto 252 E1)

  • E1/DS1s

  • E3/DS3s

  • E4/STM-1 electrical

  • STM-1 optical

  • E1, E3 and Ethernet over SDH

  • GigE

  • Cost effective


Introduction STM-1/4 SDH Multiplexer


Aries Telecom offers the VCL100 STM-1/4 is a modular, and cost effective STM-1/4 SDH multiplexer equipment designed to manage bandwidth and voice & data access services over STM networks. The products are designed to support end-to-end provisioning and management of services across all segments of the optical network. It combines innovative optical networking software with the intelligence of SONET/SDH to deliver a flexible, cost-effective network solution.


The VCL100 STM-1/4 provides flexibility to the customers in terms of expansion to support additional client interfaces by adding new modules in the field. It is also a scalable system that enables the customer to start with an STM-1 network and upgrade to STM-4 as the traffic demand increases.

The distinguishing features of VCL100 STM-1/4 over competing products are its unprecedented port density, scalability, redundancy and upgrade-ability with its software intelligence. The VCL100 STM-1/4 family of products can be managed through an integrated NMS that manages all STM equipment, providing customers with end-to-end provisioning from a single platform for multiple service types from E1s, E3s, STM-1, STM-4, and 10/100Mbps Ethernet services.

The STM-1 / STM-4 can be managed through an integrated NMS that manages all the equipment, providing customers with end-to-end provisioning from a single platform for multiple service types - from E1/DS1s, E3/DS3s, E4/STM-1e, STM-1o and 10/100Mbps Ethernet services.


VCL100 STM-1/4 - Technical Specifications


Network Topology

  • Linear

  • Ring

  • Mesh

Network Element

  • Single/Dual Terminal Multiplexer (Dual TMUX)

  • Add Drop Multiplexer (ADM)

  • Regenerator

  • In-Line Amplifier

  • Cross Connect

Line Side (Aggregate) Optics

  • 2 X STM-1/4 1310 or 1550 nm (ITU-T G.957 Compliant)

  • S/L 1.1, S/L 1.2, S/L 4.1, S/L/V/U 4.2

  • L 1.2JE, L 4.2JE (Joint Engineering)

Tributary Interfaces

  • E1/E3/E4 Electrical

  • STM-1o/STM-1e

  • 10/100 Ethernet


  • Modular in design, capable of upgradation to STM-4

  • Separate aggregate and tributary cards

  • Mix and match tributaries E1, E3, DS3, E4,
    STM-1o/e, 10/100 Ethernet

Cross Connect

  • VC-12

  • Fully non blocking

  • Line to Line, Line to Tributary, Tributary to Line,
    Tributary to Tributary


  • SNCP 1+1 MSP (as per G.841)

  • VC-12, VC-3, VC-4 level path protection

Optional Hardware Redundancy

  • Power Supply Card

  • Processor Card

  • Cross-connect Card

  • Aggregate Card


  • Higher-order and Lower-order POH, SDH level alarms
    and performance monitoring (as per G.826 and G.784)

  • Local & remote loop back

  • Software Downloads


  • Element Management System: NES ( Network
    Element Software), supports full FCAPS functionality.

  • RS-232 port for craft interface

  • V.24/V.28 Modem interface for remote management

  • In-band control supported using SDH Overhead

  • 10/100Base-T/RJ45 management interface

  • Alarm Signaling Indicators and External Contacts

Power Supply

  • Power Input: -48V DC nominal, -36V to 60V DC

  • Power consumption: less than 100W

Timing & Synchronization

  • Timing & Synchronization of System (as per G. 813)

  • Internal and External Timing interfaces: Two E1 BITS
    interfaces (G.703)

  • Internal oscillator capable of supplying a G.813
    compliant Stratum-3 SEC

  • Support of SSM byte

Order wire support and user data channel

  • E1 / E2 bytes used for Express order wire (Omnibus/
    Selective calling facilities)

  • F1 byte for user data channel

Physical Dimensions

  • Dimensions (H X W X D): 267 mm x 462 mm x 280
    mm (10.5 in x 18.2 in x 11 in); Can be mounted on a
    19 or 23 or 600mm rack

  • Weight: 2.5 Kg (6 Kg fully loaded)


  • Operating Temperature 0 to 50 C

  • Relative Humidity 10% to 90%, non-condensing


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VCL-STM-4 (upto 252 E1) - Product Brochure (PDF)
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