VCL-MX, Version 2-DLX (Deluxe Version)
E1 Drop Insert Multiplexer

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Aries Telecom - VCL-MX Version 2-DLX (Deluxe Version)
VCL-MX Version 2

VCL-MX Version 2-DLX (Deluxe version) with 4 E1, 30 channel Voice and Data, Drop-Insert Multiplexer - SNMP V2 Monitoring with NMS for monitoring multiple nodes over an IP Network, from a central location.


Download Data Sheet of VCL-MX Version 2-DLX (Deluxe Version) (PDF)

Download Presentation of VCL-MX Version 2-DLX (Deluxe Version) (PPS)


VCL-MX Version 2-STD (Standard version) is also available with 2Mbps ~ 30 Channel E1 Voice and Data, Drop-Insert Multiplexer provides full range of POTS (voice) and digital data services to subscribers located at different locations, requiring to interconnect and establish a voice and data network over an E1 link.


The Multiplexer may be used in Terminal or Drop-Insert configuration to provide:

  • Toll Quality Voice services

  • Interconnect LAN (Campus Network)

  • Interconnect Computer Terminals

  • Provide LAN-WAN Interconnectivity

  • Provide Leased Lines on DSL for SOHO Applications


  • 4 E1 Control Card for Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multi point, Add-Drop (drop-insert), Tree and Star topology tree and Star topology

  • 4 E1 non-blocking cross-connect at 64Kbps (DS-0) level

  • Dual feed (1+1 Redundant) -48V DC Input

  • SNMP V2 Monitoring with NMS for monitoring multiple nodes over an IP Network, from a central location

  • Telnet management

  • In-band and Out-of-band management

  • GUI (Graphical User Interface)

  • In-band access for configuration and monitoring

  • Power supply failure monitoring

  • Wide Range (-18V DC to -72V DC) for -48V DC Power Input

  • Ringer card failure monitoring

  • User programmable voice levels with 15dB Programmable gain settings for FXS and E&M interfaces

  • Multiple clock synchronization options

  • E1 Synchronization

Voice Interfaces

  • FXO, FXS

  • E&M (2 Wire and 4 Wire)

  • FXS-FXS (Hot-line)

  • GEN-GEN Magneto

Data Interfaces

  • RS232

  • G.703 @ 64 Kbps, co-directional

  • iDSL @ 128 Kbps



  • Timing Options - Internal Clock, Loop-Timed Clock, External Clock

  • Synchronization Sources - Internal Clock, span clock timing derived from incoming HDB3 links (Loop-Timed), External Clock, 75 Ohms 2 MHz (TTL), 2.048 Mbps (BITS) Clock.

  • Default Option - Internal Clock (Stratum 3)


Voice and Data Drop-Insert Multiplexer with In-band Management Interface:


Available Interfaces

  • Voice Interfaces: FXO / FXS / E&M / Hotline / GEN-GEN Magneto

  • Data Interfaces: RS232 / iDSL / G.703

  • OAM Card - SNMP and NMS

  • Dual feed (1+1 Redundant) -48V DC Input

Clock options:

  • Internal clock (Stratum 3)

  • Loop-timed Clock from any E1 Span

  • External 120 Ohms Bits clock

  • External 75 Ohms TTL clock

Management and Control Interfaces

  • Serial Management Port - RS232 Interface

  • USB Serial Port

  • 10/100 BaseT Telnet over a TCP/IP Network

System Access and Management

  • Windows XP and Windows 7 compatible GUI

  • Telnet - CLI (Command Line Interface)

  • SNMP V2 (MIB File provided with the equipment)

  • Inband Management of Remote Units over the E1 links

  • NMS - Network Management System

VCL-MX Version 2 - DLX (Deluxe version)
Front View

Rear View


Mechanical Specification


 Rack Mounting

 Standard 19 inch DIN rack


 3U (133.33 mm)


 292 mm


 483 mm


 7.00 Kgs.


System Composition


Core System Composition


Part No.

19-Inch Shelf 3U high

19- Inch 120 Ohms Impedance Shelf and Backplane


Slot 1

Power Supply Card


Slot 2

Ringer Card


Slot 3 to 17

15 User Configurable voice & data interface (s)

As per user requirement

Slot 18

OAM / NMS Card


Slot 19

4 E1 Control Card with In-Band Management Interface



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