VCL-MX, Version 6
Upto 80 E1 Voice and Data Multiplexer

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VCL-MX Version 6 - E1 Multiplexer may be used for inter-connecting legacy networks, provisioning and managing bandwidth on a E1 channelized level as well as 64Kbps, DS-0 time-slot level and as a digital-access cross-connect equipment. Due to the changing traffic patterns, there is a need to support multiple services from the same equipment like integrated data transport, better network management etc. This necessitated evolution to next generation E1 Multiplexer. Redundant power supply options make it an ideal solution for network service providers seeking to integrate and provide legacy and the next generation services from a single platform.

Next generation E1 Multiplexer has emerged as one of the most economical and technologically viable solutions for transmitting both over carrier networks. This technology offers savings on investments/ power and space to service providers.

Aries provides efficient solutions in this field using the E1 Multiplexer series products. E1 Multiplexer provides a full range of solutions in this evolving field of next generation telecom solutions. E1 Multiplexer family provides the unique advantage of carrying both data and voice over PDH. In addition to being affordable, these products have built-in modularity, which allow easy upgradeability. This upgradeability feature allows the customer to evolve in a “build-as-you-grow” concept.

VCL-MX E1 Core System (Common Equipment)

S No. Part # Product Description Qty
1 VCL-MX-1500 Control Card with central processor, cross-connect and system control 1
2 VCL-MX-1490-5.0 OAM Card: Management Card for connecting the multiplexer to be managed in a LAN - allows the USER to assign a unique IP address to each multiplexer connected in a LAN to be managed from a single point / Telnet 1
3 VCL-MX-1506 19" Shelf 6U High (Sub-rack) with Connectorized Backplane 1
4 VCL-MX-1510 (-) 48V DC Input Power Supply Card - may be used in a 1+1 redundant configuration. 1

VCL-MX, User Configurable Interfaces

S No. Part # Product Description Qty
1 VCL-MX-1530-X 4/8/12/16 Port VF, CO (FXO) Line Interface Card: 64Kbps/Sec. VF Channels per Central Office Line Card. Max. 09 cards per each system. Max. 144 ports per each system. (Programmable Tx and Rx settings / VF range -30 dB to +3dB). X*=4 / 8 /12 / 16 Ports per card 1
2 VCL-MX-1525-X 4/8/12/16 Port VF, RT (FXS) Line Interface Card: 64Kbps/Sec. VF Channels per Remote Terminal Line Card. Max. 09 cards per each system. Max. 144 ports per each system. (Programmable Tx and Rx settings / VF range -30 dB to +3dB). X*=4 / 8 / 12 / 16 Ports per card 1
3 VCL-MX-1595-ELE 4 Port 10/100BaseT Ethernet Electrical card 1
4 VCL-MX-1540 Ring Generator Card, Central Office Ring Generator Card 1 per system. (75 volts RMS). To be ordered for any chassis with FXS card(s) - one card per chassis. 1
5 VCL-MX-1520 8 E1 Interfaces with full capability to cross connect at DS-0, 64Kbps time-slot level as well as to inter-connect to voice and digital data services between 80 incoming E1 Ports (i.e. 80 separate E1 links). 1

Optional and Accessories

S No. Part # Product Description Qty
1 VCL-MX-01048 19-RK Power Supply (External) AC to DC Converter External Converter Universal AC Input [93V AC-276V AC, 47Hz-63Hz] to DC Output [(-) 48V DC] 1
2 Cables Connectorized Cables for FXS / FXO Cards       (3 meters, DB25 to Open) - 2 cables per 16 port card and 1 cables per 8 port card 1
3 Cables Ethernet Connectorized Cables (3 meters,  RJ45 to RJ45) 1
4 Cables E1 Interface -Connectorized Cables (3 meters, DB25 to Open) - 2 cables per 8 port card 1
5 Installation Kit VCL-MX Version-6 Installation Kit, includes: RS232 and USB serial Management Cables, Ethernet Management Cable, Hardware Set, Power Cables 1
6 Manual Documentation User Manual and System Software Disks 1


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